OneTab, interesting tabs manager for Chrome

A while ago I talked about Private Tab , a supplement for Mozilla Firefox that allowed us to open tabs incognito in a normal session of the Mozilla browser in order to enjoy the benefits of private browsing without having to open a new browser instance. Now I speak of OneTab a tab manager is placed among the best there is for Google Chrome…

Bitelia Labs: Mailbird, Gmail client for Windows

The services in the cloud are becoming increasingly popular, and can be found for virtually all web applications.Of course there’s a lot more, but years ago one conceived Internet as web browsing and emailing , which has remained to this day even though we have many other ways to communicate, in the latter case. It seems logical to use web

Best of the Week XI: apps, extensions and programs

We return with Best of the week to do a review of what happened in the software world in the last seven days.As always, we will make a selection of ten applications, programs and extensions that are and that caught our attention. Some of them have been previously published in Bitelia, while others appear here for the first

PopAGraph, an image editor for iOS users very creative

The photographs are among the most usually share content through services like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Our mobile devices allow us to take pictures from anywhere, instantly edit, make collages or compositions, in fact, more and more applications that allow us to retouch photos from our mobile devices without having to use a computer to do this kind of thing and, most

Intelligent Adjust sound volume on Android

Lately we’ve talked enough for presentarios Android apps still used relating to ringtones -yes, it turns out that these wonderful smartphones still have the phone function. Ringtonium and Ringdroid allows us to create ringtones from the device itself, and Shush! playing with the volume and silence, auqnue Intelligent Ringer is different to those applications and all others, being in turn a proposal really interesting. It is an application thatadjusts the volume

Writeapp, a word processor to write without distractions web

Last week I talked about three alternatives to the classic text titans Mac The truth is that we always have to opt for the most popular program, and in fact, sometimes not even have to have a program installed. There are many web-based applications that allow us to work with writing, and today we will talk about one

Useful keyboard shortcuts to save time in Firefox

Last week, we present a list with some keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome . And before that, also we list some quick shortcuts to save time both on Facebook and on Twitter , and Evernote . It seems that they liked the Chrome shortcuts guide, so today we’re going to make a shortcut guide for Mozilla Firefox. Some of the most basic shortcuts remain unchanged, while

A Hashtag Application For All Social Media Services

The hashtag is one of the fundamental parts that make up Twitter. It has been popularized so that many services have ended adopting it, such as Flickr, Google+, and Facebook, which could soon be launching similar functionality. Some time ago, we presented some tools to monitor a hashtag on Twitter, which can serve both for the amateur and for those

An Online Collaboration Tool You Must Know About

Hello everyone, I am back with something new. As all of know the importance of online collaboration tools in our everyday life & there are some really good online collaborations tools available to help us out . But not all of them have great features and others are lacking many features. Today I will introduce

Windows Audio Optimization

I love music. On many occasions I have spoken of programs to make the most of it or even to discover new bands that make us enjoy, even if it, if we do it from a computer, we need a system that falls short of expectations. Your Windows installation may be old enough to not play well