Incognito tabs in a normal session of Firefox

Tabbed browsing is one of those inventions that seem to pass computer but things have greatly facilitated. Not only because it allows us to have charged several pages at a time, but because productivity level can be very important to handle two or more websites completely different but connected somehow. How many tabs you have open in your browser right now? Do you have any tabs incognito window well?

Incognito tabs in a normal session of Firefox


I have to confess that I have too many tabs open. The fact is that at times you may want to access a site that does not want to be recorded in history, perhaps because we are on a shared computer or for any other reason. For this there is the private browsing , the infamous incognito mode that many branded to be valid only for visiting NSFW pages (to put it in some way) but it actually can benefit substantially. Does the catch? To access it you have to open a new window as it is impossible to open tabs Inconito .

Impossible if you do not use Private Tab , of course. This is a Mozilla Firefox extension pair that allows us to open an incognito tab instead of a new window. The way is the same as usual, and once we install the snap will see a new item in the File menu, with options to open new tabs.Alternatively we can use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + P for it.

How do we distinguish incognito tabs normal? Easy. Incognito tabs appear with a blue underline that will easily identifiable whilst adding (private tab) to the tooltip that appears when you hover over the thumbnail to see the full title.

PrivateTab is a supplement that uses the latest advantages of Gecko 20.0 and its API, so currently only available for beta and development versions of Firefox (version 20 onwards), which can be found on the Mozilla page .


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